Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I recently was at a seminar with a true canadian treasure. Photographer Andre Gallant

One of the techniques he likes to use is called the Orton technique. Named after Michael Orton the first person to do it by sandwiching two slides together. One in focus and over exposed, and one out of focus exposed properly. Andre has taken it to a new level and has made it all his own. He refers to them as "Deamscapes"
I thought i would try it with some of my Nova Scotia images :)

Here is a great description of this technique written by Darwin Wiggett


  1. I like the ones done with trees best. Man made objects just don't give the same feeling.

  2. Those are amazing Darren. I agree with Tom, it really puts a feel to the trees. I wish I was there to see how this is done. I am pretty clueless on the whole concept. Somebody's gonna have to show meeeee....