Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time to Think

Long exposure photography is like a little Christmas gift every time you set up a shot. You think you know exactly what your gonna get, and your usually close but never right on. Sometimes its better than expected. But do you know what the best part about long exposure photography is... ? It gives you time to think. Think about exposure, composition and how peaceful the morning can be. I find that I think more about each composition if its going to take me two or three minutes to set up and take. 
These are from my new fave spot :)

ISO 100  F11  121sec
Thinking ......
 ISO 100  F8  85sec

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Which do you prefer ?

It is very interesting for me to see the same image in different ways. Taken in Chippawa Park in the heart of Welland!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fire on the Beach

Some friends from the Port Colborne Camera Club asked me to tag along on an outing to the beach to shoot some "fire on the beach". Its actually burning steel wool swung around to get this effect. It very much reminds me of Dennis Smiths Ball of Light, but you get the added effect of the pieces flying off. Lots of fun!
Every time I see images like this, I think of a terminator coming back from the future! Remember that scene ?? Of coarse you do. It was killer.
Come with me if you want to live. LOL!