Monday, September 22, 2014

Jordan Harbor Shipwreck

In my photography I find myself always trying to do something different. Something that feels like I have ownership in. That is a hard thing to do these days. Especially when it comes to subject matter. I'm the type of guy who will drive around looking for interesting things to shoot, and I find a lot of neat stuff right here in the Niagara Region.
With photography being more popular than ever, I know that most cool things I find have been shot before. One of the more unique things to shoot in the region is a burnt out half sunk ship in the Jordan Harbor. Its been there for years and obviously people have been taking photos of it for years. Just google "Jordan Harbor" and look under images. I've seen so many photos of this ship that I was never interested in making images of it. I kind of put up a roadblock in my head against even trying.
Then I saw an image that a friend took of this shipwreck. It was fresh, It was different. It made me see the subject in a different way. In an instant I went from roadblock to wondering why I haven't spent some time with this subject.

Here's one more for the search engines.

ISO 400  F10,  237 sec  10:41 pm

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