Tuesday, April 19, 2016

If You Go Away ....

A few years ago I was turned on to an Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini. She has a bone chilling voice. You should defiantly check her stuff out. I was quite struck by a song called "if you go away"
The verses feel so melancholy so heavy and in contrast the choruses are light, airy and full of hope. The best part is the transition from verse to chorus, sad to happy. That transition has an amazing feeling.
When I looked into it, I could not believe how old this song really is and how many artist have done versions of it! It's an adaptation of the 1959 Jacques Brel song "Ne me quitte pas" with English lyrics by Rod McKuen. C.
Although Emilíana has stayed true to the melody, the instrumentation in this version emphasizes that contrast from dark to light. I love it !
I knew that this would be a great song to put images too.  I really wanted to emphasize the opposite feelings in the song and the dramatic transitions between them. My first idea was the change in seasons for the transitions. Bare trees and cool muted colors for the somber feel. Full foliage trees and warm saturated colors for the happy feel. This is great but I quickly realized that with such a powerful lyric I needed to tell more of a story that landscapes can do. So I have tried to combine portraits that tell a story with landscape and the seasons incorporated. Many thanks to Rebecca McIvor for modeling on this little project!
Here is my interpretation of ...  If you go away

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  1. So beautifully done! I hope you are entering this somewhere. It expresses the song perfectly.