Sunday, September 18, 2016


Its that time of year again, back to the camera club and a whole new set of challenges.
First topic "Lowdown" Images that have been taken from a low viewpoint. I had this idea about an image of the underside of a vehicle with someone standing at the front of it. I thought that might tell a little bit of a story.
My nephew was willing to help me out again so we jumped in the truck and brought his sisters bike along for some alternative shots. As it often turns out, the shot you envisioned in your head does not turn out as well as you think but the other shots you think up on the spot are much better. Probably because those alternate shots are based on the light & composition possibilities you see at the time.
Loving these shots of Brandon on the bike. This first one with him looking down is one of those in between shot, when he's not sure i'm taking a picture. Its very natural. These were taken laying on some cardboard on the road with the camera right on the ground. As low as you can go.
The Truck one is OK to :)

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