For The Love of Black & White

What is it about black & white that still hold such interest for photographers & viewers ?

Through my passion for black & white photography we will talk about reasons to shoot black & white and how color is a distraction. The importance of line, texture & simplification. How black & white effects the emotional weight of an image and how it can work as an artistic tool. Shooting & processing techniques are covered along with thought processes of images from start to finish.


Developing a Personal Style

What is your personal style in photography? Do you have one or is it still developing?
What are the elements that make up your personal style. How to recognize what you are passionate about and how to build upon it.
After learning the mechanics of the camera and how to get a technically good image, comes the important part, what you put in the frame!
We will talk about finding your own vision and letting it guide you into developing a personal style. This includes subject matter, composition, processing, influences and more. I will include numerous images, examples and the stories behind them.